Useful Resources for ADF Beginners

Autumn is coming and its time to get some lecture for the cold days that are ahead – at least thats what I did to get to know ADF. So in this post I would like to give you some recommendations if you also plan to learn ADF. Since I am new to ADF I asked colleagues and looked around myself to get to know the framework.

Like many I started with reading Grant Ronalds’s book “Quick Start Guide to Oracle Fusion Development” which gives you the basic ideas behind ADF, but as the author and the title states it is a “quick start” and the aim of the book is not to “hold your hand through every keypress”. So if you want dive directly into ADF or to understand the bases, this book is what you are probably searching for. The book uses the OE (Oracle Entry) schema that is available in Oracle databases.

If you search for a complete guided learning path, I would recommend Oracle ADF Real World Developer’s Guide which explains in details how to use ADF business components, task flows and EJBs etc. It is illustrated with many pictures and explanations. I especially like the way the author explains, how the ADF components work together. This book uses the HR schema that is also shipped with Oracle databases.

Also the the ADF Insider Essentials on youtube are worth looking at. They provide a step by step introduction to ADF. So if you don’t need a book in your hands, this channel is a good start.

If you you can recommend any books or know where to find materials & tutorials – please leave a comment.

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