First impressions of Oracle Forms 12c

So after downloading the files for the installation of Oracle Forms & Reports I started the installation of the Weblogic Server and Forms & Reports. The installation of the weblogic server is pretty self-explanatory.

After that I started the installation of Forms & Reports itself. Then I wanted to start the configuration, just to find out that with 12c you need to install the Oracle Repository with at least following components:

  • Oracle Platform Security Services
  • Audit Services
  • Audit Services Append
  • Audit Services Viewer

So you have to jump to “oracle_common\bin” and start the rcu.bat to get the installation of the repository started. After that you are able to start the configuration of Forms & Reports with config.cmd under “oracle_common\common\bin”. A complete documentation of the installation can be found here:
The first thing you will notice when starting the EM and console is the different design:


I also had the subjective feeling, that the EM and the console both acting faster as in 11g.

When I had a look at the formsweb.cfg I saw, that Oracle hold the promise of giving us an easy way to implement webstart, since more and more browser stop supporting the NPAPI-Plugin.


I found a default webstart section and tried to start the test.fmx with this configuration; and it worked! So webstart seems to work now with not much configuration effort. If you want to try it yourself, just use following URL in your installation:



4 thoughts on “First impressions of Oracle Forms 12c

  1. Hi Deniel,

    I have completed the installation of Oracle Forms & Reports 12c, You can see the detailed steps on my blog :

    Taral Vyas.
    India, Mumbai.


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