Welcome to my blog. I am Daniel and I work as a Consultant for PITSS since 2012. In this blog I would like to write articles about our tool PITSS.CON (Development tool for Oracle Forms) and Oracle specific topics (Oracle Forms, PLSQL, SQL, Java, SOA etc.).

PITSS provides Software & Services to Upgrade, Migrate, Analyze and Maintain legacy Oracle Forms and Reports applications. The PITSS.CON software upgrades any size of application to the latest Oracle Forms version on average in only 3-4 days. PITSS.CON also accellerates the Migration of Forms to ADF (Oracle’s Application Development Framework), Forms to APEX or Forms to Java/JEE by providing a tool guided Re-Engineering process to optimize and adapt the new software architectures.


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    • Hello Yasir,

      I guess you have the same possibilities as in 11g, by using Java Plugable components or the Oracle lookandfeel profiles. Just search the net and you’ll find some blogposts.



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